Medicinal Plants of Assam

MedicalPlant constitute an important therapeutic aid in alleviating ailments. The importance of plant based medicine which indeed waxed and waned earlier has now found its resurgence by the end of the last century. Almost 80% of the world population, particularly in the third world are fully dependent on medicinal plants for meeting their health care needs. Given the undisputed role of medicinal plants in today's health care needs, it is of utmost importance that these should be cultivated and propagated. It will also reduce the pressure on natural resources, as our forests, still continue to provide major share of raw materials to the pharmaceuticals and other concern industries. Cultivation is the only option for providing genuine raw material for pharmaceutical industry that will help in conservation of some of our medicinal plants that are being pushed to the danger of extinction. There are over 1500 species of medicinal plants reported so far from India and more than 350 species from Assam. They can not only cure our ailments but can also be a potential source of economic development. The demand for medicinal plants is ever increasing, as people are more and more fascinated towards herbals. Some medicinal plants are much sought after by pharmaceutical companies. Small farmers, particularly unemployed youths and women might be benefited by this venture.

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