Natural resources in Assam

The state of Asom is better known as Assam. It is located in the north-eastern part of India. It is rich in flora and fauna. A large part of Assam is covered in hills, rivers, forests and vegetation. It has an excellent reserve of minerals like

Assam has an abundant reserve of petroleum. It takes care of 25% of India's petrol requirement. The state is rich in natural resources like

Power generation in Asom

The natural resources in Asom have not been fully exploited. Lack of good planning and infrastructure is the result of this. Despite such problems, Asom has made much improvement in power generation. It has a number of coal based thermal plants to produce electric power. There is no dearth of coal mines in the state. This ensures that the supply of coal to these plants is uninterrupted.

Assam State Electricity Board

The Assam State Electricity Board looks after the government controlled power plants. The board has been split into five companies

  1. Assam Power Generation Corporation Limited (GENCO)
  2. Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Limited (TRANSCO)
  3. Upper Assam Electricity Distribution Company Limited (UA-DISCOM)
  4. Central Assam Electricity Distribution Company Limited (CA-DISCOM)
  5. Lower Assam Electricity Distribution Company Limited (LA-DISCOM)

Asom Thermal Power Plants

A number of thermal power plants in Asom had been closed down due to factors like

In recent years, several thermal power plants in Asom are in operation. These have tackled most of the earlier problems. The Assam thermal plants are aiming to generate enough electricity for the entire state. Some of the major Assam power plants are:

Namrup Thermal Power Station (NTPS)

It is managed by the Assam State Electricity Board (ASEB). It has a power generation capacity of 134 MW.
Assam - 786622,

Upcoming Assam power plants

The NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) is investing more money in thermal power generation in Assam. Some of the upcoming Assam thermal power plants are

Assam Power Generation Company Ltd

Amguri, Distt. Sivsagar, Assam, India.

The existing Asom Thermal Power Plants are being expanded to help in the production of more electric energy. The power situation in Assam had always been a matter of concern. The upcoming plant and the improvised exiting ones will hopefully solve the problem.